Our story started in 2006 when we participated at the Africa Development Forum (ADF-V) in UNECA, Addis Ababa. Where we discussed, “Youth and leadership in the 21st century”. DGAi is a good news. We are a people committed to improving lives; we aim to positively uplift the lives of our people economically, socially and otherwise.

In 2015, we joined Heads of States and Governments and other invited dignitaries at the 70th United Nations General Assembly (#UNGA70) and the historic Summit for the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, supported by JDPC and Sahara Foundation.

Our story is your story; you play a key part in our success… Your contributions are needed to move the organization forward! Our accomplishments are anchored on a strong leadership, team and effective laws while we rely on good reporting and review mechanisms to ensure transparency and assure that we deliver on this mission with responsibility and cooperation.

We coordinate policies and actions to improve the lives of our people and, ensures that the voices of those “left behind” are included in society, as we are closely involved with the economic and social life of the peoples in the areas we represent.

At DGAi, we plan, and strive to acquire resources to implement life-transforming projects and engage our team in project’s evaluation and promotion, for the people’s prosperity!

Our focus for 2016-2020 are in the areas of raising awareness on the sustainable development goals among the people and building strong partnerships with relevant stakeholders for poverty and hunger eradication; addressing of inequalities; promoting orphans and vulnerable children welfare, youth and women rights, and combating climate change. We are ‘fit for the purpose’.