Meet our new content director: Paul Gerke

Meet our new content director: Paul Gerke
(Paul Gerke is the new content director of GridTECH Connect and Renewable Energy World.)

(New York, NY) – Oh, hey! Didn’t see you there. You must’ve clicked something. No, it’s fine, you can stay. We’ve got lots of stuff to click on this website if that’s what you’re into.

My name is Paul Gerke, and I’m the new Content Director of GridTECH Forum and Renewable Energy World. That’s a business card-y way of saying that I research, talk, and write about renewable energy. Presumably, that’s a topic that interests you too, so hey, we’ve got that in common. I’m also into music, sports, gaming, and my cute dog, but you’ll only find cursory winks and nods to those passions around these URLs.

I currently live in New York City, although I’ve been a bit of a vagabond. I spent the early days of my career chasing a dream in broadcast journalism, which ultimately led me here. I’m from mid-Michigan, with stops along the way in Boise, Idaho, Tampa, Florida, and Phoenix, Arizona. 

I’ve had the opportunity to cover a little bit of everything, from middle school bowling tournaments to multiple Olympic Games. Though as you may have gleaned, this space is a little new to me. It’s true, I wasn’t raised on pappy’s solar farm and our closest wind turbine back home was probably at a mini-golf course. 

Yet- I strongly believe the most pressing question of our generation will ultimately be: how do we transition to renewable energy?

I hope that’s a question you can help me answer on this website, the GridTECH Connect Forum, and beyond. No pressure or anything, but I’ll be relying on you a bit. I encourage you, dear reader, to share the most relevant stories, pressing issues, and unresolved problems in the renewable energy industry. If you’ve got questions or comments, I’m always an e-mail away. You can also connect with me on Linkedin.

Let’s make the world a more sustainable place together.