10 large-scale clean energy projects announced in June

10 large-scale clean energy projects announced in June

Businesses announced plans for at least 10 new large-scale clean energy projects and plant expansions in nine states last month, according to business group E2’s June analysis of new clean energy developments. Based on publicly available information, the 10 projects could create at least 3,100 jobs and nearly $1 billion in new private investment.

The new projects include a $250 million solar manufacturing facility in Texas, a $152 million plant to manufacture electrolytes for electric vehicle batteries in Tennessee, and a $115 million steel plant in Indiana that will manufacture structures to support grid modernization, renewable energy, and electric vehicle charging projects.

The 10 new projects are as follows:

6/1Manner PolymersILLinkEV
Solar Mfg
60 Jobs
6/7Woory Industrial CoGALinkEV130 jobs
6/14NucorINLinkCharging/Grid200 Jobs
6/15Canadian SolarTXLinkSolar Mfg.1,500 Jobs
6/18SolRiver CaptialORLinkSolar Gen.4MW
6/20Holcim USMILinkSolar Gen.25MW
6/22VSK EnergyCOLinkSolar Mfg.900 Jobs
6/23NVH KoreaGALinkEV160 Jobs
6/26Enchem America Inc.TNLinkEV
190 Jobs

E2 sees the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act in 2022 and its renewable energy tax credits as a catalyst for new energy projects – since going into effect, businesses have announced more than 190 new projects totaling over $83 billion in new private investment across 38 states that would create at least 67,000 jobs.