EV charging plus battery storage in use at Houston airport

EV charging plus battery storage in use at Houston airport
(Credit: EverCharge)

EverCharge and PassKey, both subsidiaries of South Korean conglomerate SK Group, are partnering to develop a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) to supplement EverCharge’s EV charging stations. The BESS will be used to store excess energy that is generated during periods of low demand or “off-peak” hours — such as overnight or during the middle of the day when fewer people are using electricity — and deploy the energy via EV charging stations during periods of high demand.

EverCharge says its “SmartPower” technology enables load balancing of networked EV chargers “by managing and controlling electric loads, analyzing the charging patterns of EVs, and intelligently allocating available power based on the individual vehicle’s need.”

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Earlier this year, EverCharge and PassKey announced a partnership with Avis Budget Group to launch a “large scale” EV charging solution at the George Bush International Airport in Houston, Texas. The charging stations use EverCharge’s SmartPower technology and PassKey’s BESS.

The companies intend to expand their partnership to additional airport locations throughout 2023 and beyond. PassKey’s mission is to accelerate the US energy transition toward net-zero with affordable and convenient electricity service to customers, based on renewables and energy storage, EV charging, and advanced software solutions.