The Future of Wind Energy is Now: Smart Technologies Ensure Safe, Secure Connections

The Future of Wind Energy is Now: Smart Technologies Ensure Safe, Secure Connections

Wind turbines throughout large wind farms may contain 100,000 or more bolted joints that require correct preload tightening. However, as turbine sizes increase, bolted joints are becoming more difficult to install and maintain. Traditional methods of ensuring the correct preload, such as using torque wrenches, are time-consuming and prone to inaccuracies. This presents a challenge for maintenance teams, which are typically small and must perform continual checks on every turbine’s bolted joints.

One of the leading advancements is remote preload monitoring, which involves the use of sensors on each joint to monitor its set preload parameters remotely. The data is then transmitted via Wi-Fi or cloud-based technology to a smartphone or computer dashboard, making it available 24/7. This technology enables operators to quickly determine if each bolted joint was tightened fully during installation, if it’s still tight, and how tight it is.

Smart technologies are set to revolutionize wind farm installation and maintenance across the globe, and this is the primary topic covered in this brand-new white paper from the Nord-Lock Group.


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